Upcoming Field Trip

We will be attending a musical (Born to Worship) at West Edmonton Christian Assembly next Monday, May 4th starring Hugh Jackman. Please ensure your field trip form is signed as you will not be able to attend without one. ūüė¶


Auction Basket Update!

We have raised over $100 for our auction basket! WOW! Thanks to all who donated.

The auction is almost upon us. A special thank you to Jane’s mother, Mrs. Anderson who is purchasing the goods and arranging the basket – we really appreciate it! If you have any further donations, please bring them into class and we will try to get them into the basket if we can.

Interviewing a Representative.

We have been studying what makes for strong representatives in the various organizations we find in Alberta. Two organizations we have been studying are the ACFA and the MNA Рask your kids what the acronyms mean! To help solidify the importance of representatives to our lives, we will be interviewing an actual representative of an organization in Alberta. There are a few steps involved that you may want to help out with:

  1.  Decide on an Alberta organization of interest.
  2.  Come up with 5 questions (MAX) to ask Рthey should NOT be YES/NO type questions.
  3.  Conduct the interview: 
  • ¬†
    • Write out your questions and record your answers, or¬†print out e-mail responses.
    • At the end, review your information to make sure it is¬†correct and you have the answers you need.
    • Be polite, and thank the person for helping you.

Help your child out in finding out why representatives are so important to the fabric of our community.

Remember to read your social Studies and make NOTES for your upcoming unit exam!

Hello all, just a friendly reminder to read pages 162-169 by highlighting key information and summarizing each paragraph in your own words.

Summerize, Analyze, Internalize and Synthesize! Mr. Iampen SAIS so…


Errors in the Math Section of the Grade 6 PARENT GUIDE TO P.A.T.’s

Hello! I just received a notice from the Director of Achievement Testing with Alberta Learning. Apparently, there are a few wrong answers in the Parent Guide to P.A.T.’s:
Questions 6 & 8 are INCORRECT.
The CORRECT answers are as follows – [6. B] & [8. C]
Oooops…I guess even the government is wrong from time to time, eh?

P.A.T. Practice Test Update

I have uploaded new sets of P.A.T.’s for the students to try out.

  • L.A. has a reading comprehension (Part A) and some writing examples and scores.
  • Math has a calculations (Part A) and 3 problem solving (Part B) which the students are able to do online and are scored automatically!
  • Science has 3 tests that are scored automatically.
  • Social Studies is in it’s pilot year – that means there is not a practice P.A.T. available. However, it will include a written component.

I hope this helps everyone out in getting ready for the P.A.T.’s!! If you want to check out the tests, please see the P.A.T. Practice Test page.

Mission to Planet X

Our Mission to Planet X is rolling along. We have merged the colonies into provinces and ran elections for Mayor, MLA and Premiere. The students had to develop a platform based on providing services at each level of government they were running for and deliver a speech based on the platform and why they would make a great representative. The reults are in:

For the Province Wolf Cracker

Mayor of Iolcus – Jason Eerkes

Mayor of Awesomeville РEric Versluys

MLA’s – Hannah Schouten and Alexa Hamilton

Premiere – Johannah Ko


Here were the election results for the province of Tallapow

Mayor of Sandy Starz РSimone SteendamMayor of  Garacaguscas РBrayden Wesley

MLA’s¬†– Jady Koreman and Julia Cupido

Premiere РTyssen Voogd

Congratulations to our representatives!

Additionally, we have begun a math assignment to design flags for our provinces and will be voting on which should be adopted as provincial flags soon.