Two More Field Trips! Yay!

Well, we are awaiting approval for two more field trips. The first will be to the Alberta Aviation Museum at the municipal airport. It fits with our Flight unit. The next field trip will be to the Alberta Legislature on June 22nd. This one fits in with our Social Studies provincial gov’t section.

Finally, we are hoping to organize a final day party for the kids. Details to follow…


Constable Frattin

Constable Celia Frattin, our D.A.R.E. officer, returned to the school to revisit some of the concepts we went or at the beginning of the year. She focused on bullying and cyberbullying with the students and reminded them about the current Edmonton Anti-Bullying bylaw in place to protect kids who have become the target of harassment. Thanks Celia!

Here is an excerpt on the bylaw from CTV news:

Edmonton passes landmark anti-bullying bylaw

Canadian Press  

EDMONTON — Edmonton became the first Canadian city Tuesday to make bullying illegal and fine tormentors a minimum of $250.

Supporters say they hope the new bylaw will make young people think twice before threatening and intimidating anyone. “It won’t deter everybody, but hopefully it will have an effect on some students,” said Coun. Jane Batty, chair of the community services board that put forth the issue. “Bullying just can’t be accepted in this day and age and we need to put a stop to it in any way that we can,” Batty said.

Several Canadian teens have either died or committed suicide due to bullying by their peers.

Reena Virk, 14, of Victoria, died after being beaten by teenagers in November 1997.

Edmonton police, backed by both separate and public school boards, approached civic politicians to add harassment to the list of offences already covered by the city’s public places bylaw.

“Up to 70 per cent of the complaints in our schools are bullying-related,” said Const. Dan Williams, a school resource officer at St. Joseph Catholic High School, who proposed the idea.

Police are unable to deal with assaults, gang violence and harassment until it escalates into a criminal matter. Williams said he hopes the new bylaw will enable them to quash bullying before it goes too far.

“We’ve had lots of interest from all across the country, from other municipalities, from other police agencies and school boards asking for information about our proposal to city council,” Batty said.

The bylaw is geared towards students and affects anyone under the age of 18 who is threatened. Bullying is defined as a person who communicates with someone in a way that makes the person feel harassed; the comment, threat or action is made in a public place and the threats are repeated.

Virus Attack?

It would seem that the students in Edmonton Christian West may have been hit by an MSN virus that has been running amok on some computers. If you suspect that your computer has an MSN virus, here is a link to help you get rid of the pest…

MSN Virus Remover

Hope this helps some of you out. Remember, don’t give your password out to anyone. Additionally, if you get a message or email from someone telling you to click on a link…just don’t unless you know for sure they sent it, or you were expecting it. 🙂


Sigh…we have had a few setbacks on the Evidence and Investigation quiz. We could not secure a lab time with the scheduling around Volunteer Tea. However, when I loaded up the exam on the computer, all of the images were missing. Now I know it was really disappointing to the students, but I have decided to postpone the exam until Monday the 25th – the students were visibly shaken by this announcement and almost reduced to tears…it was a sad day.

Hockey Playoffs! :)

Oh, don’t forget to watch some hockey in and around your homework and studying…there have been some dynamite games going on and you wouldn’t want to miss the Ovechkin vs. Crosby matchup…no sir…


Another Field Trip!

Hello all! I happen to enjoy going on field trips more towards the end of the year when it is warm outside…so, we have another (in a long line) of field trips coming up. 

We will be going to the Art Gallery of Alberta on May 15th for the day. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me via email, or indicate it on your field trip form. The form will be going home on May 11th-ish.