P.A.T. & HLAT Times

Subject Area


  • Thursday, April 23rd – HLAT Writing Exam
  • Thursday, April 30th – HLAT Reading Exam
  • Wednesday, May 13th – Language Arts Writing P.A.T.
  • Wednesday, June 17th – Language Arts Reading P.A.T.
  • Thursday, June 18th – Math Problem Solving P.A.T.
  • Thursday, May 14th – Math Operations P.A.T.
  • Monday, June 22nd – Science P.A.T.
  • Tuesday, June 16th – Social Studies P.A.T.

P.A.T. – Provincial Achievement Tests: The test results for the P.A.T. will appear on the report card. Additionally, the resulting mark from the test will count towards the final term mark. As such, it is important for the students to study for these exams.


9 Responses

  1. Yeah! Do you think that you could add broken calculator?? PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. i like ur website Mr.I the only reason i havent been on here is because i lost the website address and kept forgetting to get it again…….sorry

  3. could we put some mATH GAMES ON HER PLEase

  4. why do we have to take a ss pat

  5. we have to do p.a.t.s so we should start to study 0r we will be in alot of truble

    • Hey Jakob – by all means!! Go ahead and study all you want. In fact, it will probably help you with some of the concepts we have yet to take. 😉

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