Subject Area


  • Fri. May 8th – Newspaper Article – Your choice – the in class event or a news worthy event that happened to you in the last little while.
  • Fri. April 24th – The Poetry Unit is ending!! Everything  (Cover – Autobio, Concrete, Cinquain, Haiku [2], Limerick [2], Ode to God)
  • Wed. May 27th – Juice Box assignment complete with formula sheet.
  • Mon, April 27th, Lesson 5:  Questions 2,3,5,7
  • Flags due! Remember to measure and label
  • Tue. April 21st – Lesson 3 activities (pgs. 252-253)


  • Fri. May 1 – Read and make notes on MNA handout (pgs. 162-169) Count on a test soon…
  • Tues. April 25nd – Read and make notes on ACFA handout (pgs. 152-157)
  • Fri. May 15th –S.O.A.P. journals due.
  • Fri. May 8th – Kings of Judah Assignment.
  • Fri. May 1st – Jeroboam Makes Two Golden Calves Sheet completed

7 Responses

  1. This homework was due up 2 11/2 months ago!!!!!
    Wassup with that?

  2. Sorry Mr.Iampen for being sick it is not fun

    • No problem…it happens. I know how you feel! Sometimes, I don’t feel much like doing anything at all when I am sick.

  3. I think the math problem solveing p.a.t wont be that hard…hopefully

  4. I totally forgot my bible and bought the wrong sheet!!!!!!

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