This section is here to help the students get ready for the  P.A.T. exams coming up in May and June and will address some of the issues and concerns surrounding Provincial Achievement Tests (P.A.T.) exams.  The  P.A.T.’s are a source of anxiety and angst for many students. However, the students should know that the tests themselves are really not that difficult – they just require adequate preparation!

P.A.T. – Provincial Achievement Tests: The test results for the P.A.T. will appear on the report card. Additionally, the resulting mark from the test will count towards the final term mark. As such, it is important for the students to study for these exams.

Please post any comments or questions here in this section and I will try to answer them as best as I can. Additionally, you can always email me at my email address by clicking here or by clicking on the contact link in the left sidebar menu.


Click Here or click on any of the above P.A.T. links for more information on the Provincial Achievement Tests from Alberta Learning.


8 Responses

  1. Awesome Person=De Kool
    I had 2 reveal my true identity.

  2. thnx I need it!


  4. Yes every body, good luck. With a bit of preparation, the luck you will need will decrease. It’s an inverse relationship:

    increased preparation=decreased luck required


  5. Good luck on the P.A.Ts and HLats!

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