P.A.T. Practice Tests

Click on the links below to open up the P.A.T. practice exams.

You can print  [printer] them off or even perform some online [computer] and as a bonus, they score themselves!

Subject Area

Practice Tests

  • Pilot Year for the new curriculum, as such, there are no practice P.A.T.’s 








For more practice tests, go to the Quest A+ (Alberta Education) website.quest-alberta-ed1

11 Responses

  1. i like school

    • Glad to hear it! Me too, I’m kind of sad to see this year end…you all were a fantastic class.

  2. hi

  3. Hello sir, nice work on the page. Can I use this page to practice for my upcoming PAT exam?


  5. My computer won’t let me do the practice test can you pleases tell me what to do

    • You probably need to download and install adobe PDF reader software. Go to google and type in “adobe acrobat reader” or “adobe pdf reader” and it will take you to a link where you can download the software. 🙂

  6. try the test i got good andf it is very very fun and a little bit hard

  7. This is a very cool web site a am going to use it

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